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American Girl Of The Year 2019 Blair Wilson Review

The last week of January I made a quick trip tp American Girl had lunch in the bistro. I was lucky enough to bring a beautiful new friend home with me! I purchased the newest girl of the year Blair Wilson! This red head cutie stole my heart for several reasons!
My youngest daughter who is now 19 is a red head ! I think that may be one reason I love her!
Here is a cute picture of her!


                                                            Isn't she the cutest thing ever!!!
                         Her little white sundress is covered in the cutest honey bees ever!

 I love her purple sandals! They have just enough heal on them to give her a dressy look!
Her little flower hair comb pulls the look together! Of course bee's need flowers and the purple and soft coral match perfectly with her sandals!
 I Love Blairs yellow bandana ! Although it hasn't been confirmed! I believe this yellow wrist band is in honor a Instagram angel named Bella! Who lost her fight to cancer! Yellow is for Bella and we shall never forget how much she meant to the community and how much she loved her dolls and followers! Her Mom still carries on Bella's commitment to share her joy and love for American Girl Dolls to girls just like her fighting in children's hospitals around the country
However I can't imagine a cute red head without some really  cute sun kissed freckles on her face! So off to hobby lobby I went for some acrylic burnt sennia  paint. I used a toothpick and some water to help contrast different colors on her face. I love how the customization truly made her come to life for me! 
After she got freckles she got the new name of Hollie Grace!

Don't you just love her freckles! I think it makes her looks adorably sun kissed!
 Her hair is perfect balance of soft wavy curls! It reminds me of Rebecca Rubin's hair a little! I believe it will be easy to style and care for! I do love her waterfall braid! I am not sure I do again once its taken out! But I will sure try to learn to!

 Hollie Grace will soon be inspiration for my own stories! But first I must tell you about Blair Wilsons Books!!!
Blaire (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2019 Series #1); Paperback; Author - Jennifer Castle

I must say I am totally impressed with the American Girl of the year 2019 Blair Wilson’s book!
I read it all in one day! It’s been awhile since I picked up a book that had me wanting more! 
There are some very valuable lessons in this book! 
First one that stood out to me was her sensitivity about her new found allergy! I have a peanut allergy myself and I agree with Blair it can make it hard tying to eat with others with out them making a big deal about ! I am grateful for the wonderful people on my life that work hard not expose me to something that could kill me. Like Blair I have some who made me uncomfortable instead of feeling understood! 
The next very valuable lesson is not getting so engulfed in the things around you that you forget the wonderful friends that make this journey we call life fun and special behind! 
Blair was asked to be a junior bridesmaid for a friend who was more like a big sister! She became so busy marking plans for the wedding she forgot to make time for her bff. She even became jealous when her bestie made plans with others. Even though her bestie has tried several times to make plans with her and Blair canceled.
In the end the two were able to work things out. Blair realizing she had left some one very special behind she apologized. She had some help seeing the error of her ways from someone who was wise and near and dear to her heart.
Which leads me to my third favorite and final lesson. We often get so caught up on the screens before us that we forget the importance of the people around us!!! Yep you read that right! Blair was so consumed with planning the wedding she forgot to have have real conversations and to make real memories!
I for one will be practicing put my phone down a little more! 
I loved this book! My favorite girl of the year book of all time is Chrissa! Her books dealt with bullying! That book seen my youngest through some dark days! Blair’s book ranks side by side with Chrissa in my book! I even plan to purchase a copy for our church library! I could kick myself for not purchasing her second book while I was at the store the other day! I look forward to purchasing it and reading it soon!
                                                               American Girl: Girl of the Year 2019 #2: Blaire Cooks Up a Plan - Scholastic Books          

I recently spent 23 days in the hospital for my heart! My girls bought me her second!
It was simply amazing! It was totally down to earth! it picked up still with the importance of being present! Also it taught on not over obligating yourself! When you do you need to do what is right no matter how much more fun the obligation seems to be! It also taught a really good lesson on accepting others and forgiveness. Letting new friends into your group and embrace that can be different but still fit in with you! This book also touched on a new character's loss of a parent! It was handled in such a wonderful way! It touched on how that changed everything! How the change was hard. Just like Blair's food allergy had made things very different for her new friend ! just in a different way. The book was simply amazing! It cheered me up and made my day! I too read this book in one day! I can not wait to purchase both books for my children's library at church! These books are two of my favorite American Girl Books wrote! Like I said before it is tied with Chrissa! I totally love the wallpapers American has made available on Pinterest to! 
 I was a little disappointed when I was at the store... I was so hoping to purchase the Farm and Feast Craft book. They did not have in stock at the Charlotte store. So when I came home I ordered it off line and got it in about 8 days! I must say it was totally worth the wait!!!
All though I do not have picture of all the cute things I have made from air dry clay! But I can't wait to share all the fun things we have made! This book also inspired us redo our doll house in a farm house theme! I really can not wait to share that finished product with everyone as well! I have been sick so it may be a week or so before I get to take pictures! I can't wait to share it with you! The book was around $15 it is filled with beautiful pictures with the cutest farm crafts ever! Even a tractor! It gives detailed instructions on how to make a garden, and a garden party area! It comes with beautiful farm house themed stickers for your doll house. the cutest pot holder ever! It has paper salad plating like Blair serves in at her bed and breakfast! I own several craft books! This is by far the most amazing book ever! It can not be beat the price! It has already brought hours of creativity for me! So I can not imagine how much more fun it would be for a kid! I hope to host a farm craft day for a group of moms and girls from our church this summer!
I would recommend this for sure even if you were looking for a cheap gift or reward for your girl!
So much to my surprise my sweet girls brought me another friend when I was in the hospital! He is the cutest lil pig ever! I don't however remember a pig in her books! But that doesn't mean its not there lol! I have lupus so my memory is much like Dory's lol. She is such a cutie though and doesn't have a name yet!
I can not wait to add her to my adventures! I have been on a social media fast for Lent! So I don't have many followers here! I can not wait to grow my audience! So if you have stopped by please follow me so you can stay in touch and follow along! Share me blog with your friends! Leave a comment and say hi! Let me know what you love and don't! What you like to hear more about! When my fast ends you can follow me on Instagram for my dolls Once_Upon_A_Stitch_In_Time_ I would love you follow my doll adventures there too!
As always thank you for stopping buy and checking me out! I will be back soon ! I will share this on my insta account in about a week! See you soon!
                                          Don't be afraid to standout ~ Shellie


Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Life OF Faith Girls Mission Hope Girls February Girl Meeting

For years I have taught a girls group through our local church called the A Life Of Faith Girls Group! 
It is by far one of my most favorite things ever! 
When my youngest was little this was the highlight of her and hers friends month! It was always such a hit. The stories were historically based and they loved it.'
I am finding in this newer generation they want more stories of the here and now and now. That was how the Mission Hope Girls came to life.
I didn't want to see such an amazing thing go away.
I spent a lot of the last part of 2018, praying how God would like me to go forward with this ministry! This is where He lead me! I want to share the lessons here with you!  
You may use these lessons in a church or home school setting but you are not allowed to claim them or print them to sell! 
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating the first one! Our meeting isn't until February 17th. Since it was Valentines Day geared I wanted to go ahead and post it in case you decided to use it!
A Life Of Faith Meeting
Valentines meeting
Decorations: Lots of pink and red hearts.
Display which ever 18 inch dolls you choose for your Characters today!
Scripture Verse: A friend loveth at all times …
Proverbs 17:17
Today we will learn how to be a true friend

Open in prayer
Go around the room and introduce yourselves

Say the A Life Of Faith Motto:
Have you ever known someone you had a hard time
being friends with? Your not even sure why you don’t like
this person but you don’t! I think it is safe to say that
we all felt that way ….

Today’s lesson is gonna be a little different than normal!
I would like to introduce the some new friends today!
We will call our new friends Hope girls! Now the wonderful
thing about these new friends you can use any doll
of your choice to play out their stories!
Let’s get started ! Today I would like to introduce
Lillian and Caroline!
Today’s story takes place in today’s time! They have
a big problem! Lets see if we can help them put shall we?

Mrs.S entered the kitchen to find her new found her
 broad of girls in the kitchen. She could hear their laughter
all the way down the hall into her room! It was music to her
ears! The girls had been through many changes the last few
weeks from being a home of four to a home of 5! Lillian
a shy girl with dark black hair, with sweet freckles, and
soft brown eyes. Had came so far the past few months
since she had came to live with Mrs. S and her new sisters!
Natalie, Caroline, Ellie, and Samantha. The girls had came
to live with Mrs.S at different times but felt they had been
family forever. It was just days before Valentine's day
and the girls were busy trying to decide what they should
do special for one another this year.
  Valentines day had become such a special time for the girls.
It was a time to express how much they loved one another
and how thankful they were God had brought them
together as a family!
After all Valentine’s Day was a day of love! Mrs.S listened
quietly but noticed that Lillian was not chiming in very much
on the conversation at hand! “Lillian” Mrs. S spoke softly.
“Are you okay?” “I was just thinking, I have never participated
in Valentines Day. I want to do something special for all of you
for showing me what it means to be loved.” Mrs. S smiled “
You show us everyday what it means to be loved by being a

true friend to all the girls. Also by letting me love you,
even on days it’s hard.Girls I have a idea for this year!”
Mrs. S went on talking
to all the girls! After breakfast let’s place all of our names
in a bowl and whatever name is drawn is the name you
will do something special for on Valentines Day!”
All the girls agreed excitedly.
The following days passed and Caroline and Lillian
had drawn each others names. The two girls had became
fast friend in the few months of being together.
Both girls worked extremely hard on the gifts
of love and friendship for one another. Caroline
choose to make Lillian a special heart shaped pillow
that had a pocket to hold her prayer journal. So each night
when she went to sleep so she would always remember how
loved she was not by her but by Jesus as well!
Lillian choose to make Caroline a special picture that had
all the things she loved about her for her room! Both
girls worked extremely hard on the special gift for one another.
Lillian had just put the finishing touches on Caroline's canvas!
She went to ask Mrs.S if it would be okay to leave it one the
school table to dry? Mrs.S told her she thought that was a smart idea.
She could even put the do not disturb sign on the door.
So no one would enter the school room and her surprise
would be kept safe! Lillian rushed down the hallway
shutting the door and placing the do not disturb
sign on the door rushed to her room to play with
her favorite doll! The afternoon passed quickly
Lillian and Caroline had a tea party with their dolls and gave
them a bath and had gotten them ready for bed!
When they heard Mrs.S Call them for dinner!
After dinner Lillian went to check on her beloved
painting to find it ruined! Someone has spilled water
on it and all the colors had smeared together! Lillian
was heart broken! All of her hard work was destroyed!
She ran into the kitchen and shouted!
“ Who destroyed my painting!
I worked so hard on it and now it is ruined!
It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and now
I won’t have anything special!
Hot tears spilled over onto her cheeks! Mrs.S. Went to her
and tried to calm her! At that moment there was no calming her!
She threw her painting in the trash and replied hotly,
I hate who ever destroyed my painting!
I don’t ever want to be their friend again.
Lillian ran from the kitchen and threw
herself onto her bed and cried. Mrs. S followed behind her,
praying for the right words to say.
 She went to Lillian and placed her hand on her back.
“Lillian I know your upset and very hurt
because you worked very hard on your gift for Caroline.
I know you don’t have enough time to start over!
I will take you to pick out something special!
Before I do we have to talk about the the words you just used!
They were very hurtful! Even though I don’t really think you
meant them your sisters wont forget them.
Because once words like that are used they can’t be taken back!
The Bible tells us “ A friend loves at all times… Proverbs 17:17.”
That means even when they have made a horrible mistake.
We must forgive!
Lillian sat up and gave her new Mom a hug.
“ Thank you for helping me! I want Jesus to be proud of me!
I think I need to go tell my sister’s I am very sorry!
Will you go with me?” “ I sure will” Replied Mrs. S with a warm smile.
As Lillian entered the kitchen she was met by her sister Natalie!
“ Lillian I am so sorry! It was me who messed your painting up!
I did not see the painting on the table!
I had went to get my book off the school table and my hand
knocked over the vase of flowers and the water
went all over your painting! I should have told you!
I knew how hard you worked on it!
I just didn’t want you to be mad at me!
Can you ever forgive me?
Natalie asked with tears running down her cheeks
with a soft snub as well.
Lillian reached for her sister and hugged her! “ I forgive you sissy!
But I need to ask all my sisters to forgive me,
for the words I used to today!
I should never talk to my friends that way.
The Bible teaches that a friend loves at all times.
Even when they make mistakes! I want to be that friend and sister!
 The girls embraced in a group hug reassuring each other all was
Valentine’s day was a huge success!
Lillian purchased Caroline's doll a new pair of pj’s!
So when she slept with her at night she could remember
how much she is loved!
Instead of a canvas with all the reasons she loved her!  
She made a card! In the very center she put the verse from
Proverbs 17:17.
A friend loves at all times!
The hope girls love reading the A Life of Faith Books!
*What do you think Else would tell Lillian about her temper?
She needed to learn to not lash out in anger
*Should Lillian  learn to control her temper better?
Yes she should
*What should a friend do when they hurt someones feeling?
*Should you forgive a friend who has hurt your feelings?
* What makes a good friend?
Kindness, sharing, never leaving someone out, loving even
when its hard, not having to have it your way all the time
*What is not a good friend?
Being hateful, leaving others out, making fun of others,
being a bully, being bossy, not sharing
*Which friend are you? Which one should we be most like?

Craft Time:
For this meeting we decided to make canvas bags for
the girls to carry to their meetings!
Supplies :
Canvas bags
Puff paint or fabric markers
Iron on of A Life Of Faith Girls Club logo

Snack time:
Girl and doll cup cakes
Each girl will receive a regular size cupcake for her and a
mini cupcake for her doll
A personal piping bag for her and a smaller one for her doll!
We uses a boxed white cake mix
Made our own butter cream and used pink and purple food coloring.
We used pink in the larger piping bad and purple
in the smaller one for their dolls .
Each girl received sprinkles

Close meeting in prayer and if there is time give the girls time to
play with each other !
Be sure to send their a Life of Faith Newsletter home!

Follow the link below for the newsletter